World Finance Review is read exclusively by senior financial executives holding power and authority at major organisations. Our readership are the people who will select and authorise the purchase of your products and services. The magazine is intended for CFOs as well as other corporate finance and private equity executives from Emerging Europe (EE) and abroad who are already investing or seeking investments in EE.

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Government Trade Ministers
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Investment Financiers
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Key Market Penetration: (As a percentage of distribution to that area)

52% CORPORATE (Treasury, CFOs)
17% INSTITUTIONAL (Hedge Funds, Institutional Investors)
6% OTHERS (IT Vendors, Regulatory bodies, Treasury Associations)

48% CORPORATE (Treasury, CFOs)
12% INSTITUTIONAL (Hedge Funds, Investors)
4% OTHERS (IT Vendors, Regulatory bodies, Treasury Associations)

38% CORPORATE (Treasury, CFOs)
22% INSTITUTIONAL (Hedge Funds, Investors)
9% OTHERS (IT Vendors, Regulatory bodies, Treasury Associations)

15% ASIA

Senior management of Investment Banks & Asset Management Firms, Financial Boutiques, Venture Capital Funds, Legal Advisors, Consultancies, Multinationals working with & expanding to Eastern Europe & Central Asia.
Corporations (Treasury Managers, Chief Financial Officers and Chief Investment Officers)
Institutional Investors, Fund & Portfolio managers (CEO, CIO, CFO, Heads of Treasury, Desk & Dealing)
FX Traders, Brokerages, Commodity Trading Advisors, Money Market dealers
Banks & Financial Institutions (Global Head FX, Head of FX Sales, Heads of Spot/Forward/Options Trading)
All major world Stock Exchanges & All major Central Banks

86% have taken one or more actions as a result of reading articles/editorials
49% have taken one or more actions as a result of reading advertisements

World Finance Review creates a clear path for companies to reach the heart of the business and political decision making processes in North America, Europe, Asia and beyond, placing strong emphasis on multilateral communication from the vast Public and NGO Sectors, embracing Private Sector opinion and contribution.

World Finance Review combines top-executive business-case experience with thorough background information and analysis by drawing on the experience of the expert World Finance Review staff, external journalists and professionals in banks, consultancies and companies.

The Country Reports describes developments in the individual countries that form Emerging Europe. Though these developments must be relevant for CEOs/CFOs in order to be included in our news coverage, relevance is broadly defined here, including also, for example, personal stories on important regional business people.

The Finance & Accounting section takes an instrument-oriented approach, analyzing, e.g., the variation of regional accounting standards as well as the usage of financing products such as leasing, syndicated loans, asset-backed securities or private equity in the entire area or parts of it. Among other things, it assesses the status quo of the regional banking sector.

The magazine takes a sector perspective based on the fact that M&A activity and foreign direct investment in the dominant industries (energy, consumer goods and machinery) is less strongly influenced by national constraints than by sector characteristics. Articles focus on players (who is investing?), targets (who is being bought?) or both (who is buying whom?), as well as the driving forces in various industries.

For many years, World Finance Review, the magazine for CEOs and CFOs, has been an opinion-shaping publication in world ’s corporate finance market.

In World Finance Review, the finance departments of upmarket mid-sized companies and major corporations find all issues of interest to them that are addressed in high-quality, solidly researched journalistic articles: company finance, M&A, compliance, accounting and controlling.

World Finance Review also explores the topics of strategy and human resources. In short: everything that financial decision makers need to know. In terms of its breadth and quality, World Finance Review holds a unique place in the English-language publishing community.

You will find thorough analysis of individual transactions and company strategies in World Finance Review as well as well-grounded assessments of market changes, exclusive interviews with important thinkers, breaking news and updates about people on the move.

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