Finetime Ltd. is the leading business publisher providing opportunity for the world's public and private decision makers to connect with ambitious enterprises

Finetime empowers decision makers with up to date economic and business information for thousands of readers worldwide

Finetime shapes the marketplace by specialising in targetted marketing campaigns pioneered by sales professionals

Finetime provides a knowledge sharing environment in its productions

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World Finance Review is produced in full-colour to the highest standards and will report on the significant technological, commercial, economic and political developments in this exciting new market and will examine their effects both regionally and globally.

Eminent representatives from major financial, industrial, government and multinational institutions will join leading international journalists in completing the picture.

World Finance Review is valuable addition to the sources of expert information required by leading businessmen when they are fine-tuning their corporate strategies.

We work with bi and tri lateral organizations, international traders, governments and leading opinion makers to further the core competencies of participating businesses, guiding them to the decision makers within investment authorities and multilateral organization. Participating companies enter into corporate network of companies benefiting from ongoing responses from businesses inquiring about mergers, joint ventures, manufacturing opportunities, product and service agreements, distribution and sales. FineTime promotes bilateral trade between developed and developing global economies, through mutual partnerships and deep links between businesses and governments whilst generating confidence across Europe.

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Publication for the world finance and corporate networking

Finetime Ltd. is the leading publishing company that specialises in corporate and public finance topics. In September 1998, this publishing company launched World Finance Review, the English-language magazine for CEOs and CFOs.

coverWorld Finance Review magazine achieves its objectives through non-bias, concentrated, up to date flagship publications, country reports and multilateral documents, mostly commissioned by corporate, governmental and multilateral institutions with the aim of targeting investment and/or input financial aid for social, institutional and project development.

Focused analyses of ongoing economic and business developments in key infrastructure areas form the core of our publishing initiatives i.e. Construction, Telecom, Information Technology, Investment Banking, Water, Power (Electricity, Gas, Oil, Wind and alternative), Mining and other national and international projects. It has established basis across North America, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. The magazine's depth of purpose and authority is manifested in its value adding environment constructed by distinguished experts who are in direct contact with the cutting edge issues molding our planet today. Many of them are leaders of corporations, governments and NGO's with an invested interest in strong, stable and competitive global economies.


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